Youth and Sex

well I done goofed upon finishing this video I kind of made it more explicit than I actually wanted it to be um if you are under the age of 17 years old just just click away man click away please I’m I’m debating on flagging this for adults but if you’re watching this you know just try to keep it on the loan please don’t ban me YouTube Hulu it is correct like in YouTube this body shine and in today’s video we’re going over your favorite scantily clad gamers twitch streamers now you guys seem to like the previous two videos I had on the subject but in today’s video we’re going over something I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody else cover on YouTube twitch streamers that have actually done porn in the past or still does it and I’m not talking about man half naked on stream or I’m not talking about posting videos of you twerking on YouTube I’m not even talking about people on some princess Leia’s shit I’m talking about actual hard core and if you just heard those noises and you got in trouble with your parents either one you are not old enough to watch this video or two you need to head somewhere private and I don’t mean walk run make it alright even with all that out of the way let’s roll that a beautiful intro [Music] and number one on the list is V crypt mourning raised in Buenos Aires Argentina Valentine is a very popular cosplay amassing over 52,000 followers on Facebook and though she has a small following on Twitch is sponsored by no turns gaming and has over 4,000 followers on Twitch she is known for her very sexy photoshoots many of which are not safe for work and if you want to watch her your Spanish game better be on point because she doesn’t speak a lick of English but hey if you’re not there for the commentary I wouldn’t blame you I know an indie novella oh yeah and ena know this anime episode buta Jessi Rogers how are you tell us about yourself okay Jessi Mendez is a Brazilian born 23 year old better known for her stage name Jesse Rodgers now Rodgers debuted in the adult film industry a few days after her 18th birthday in August 2011 after one short year of being in the industry she decided to quit in 2012 in too many bad experiences on and off set how are you I have crippling depression to keep her presence on the internet she started a YouTube channel where she uploaded dogs and her playing video games it means I’m not eventually start @h bitch channel a channel has amassed over 90 thousand followers where she streams lead and call a duty she apparently sold her YouTube channel to an LA entrepreneur and hey I’ll blame her we all know she would do anything to give that money hey that’s pretty good meet the almost 30 year old former adult actress Mia Rose born in Alaska her and her sister Ava Rose moved to Reno Nevada where they started stripping at a very early age before joining the industry Mia stated that she has slept with at least 98 different men getting plenty of notoriety in her town due to having many partners they were approached by an agent via website ninety percent of my viewers probably never heard of MySpace she started in the industry at the tender age of 19 and started seven movies with her sister and picked up a few awards only way oh shit oh shit me are you killed Ava Ava once she retired she picked up her second obsession gaming and started a twitch channel she currently has over 80,000 followers on Twitch and hey you should check her out because she’s actually pretty entertaining Yannick Dom stop back song hey you two I’m just gonna figure out play some games don’t you ever touch my ass again because I might have to fucking go down I mean like knock you out hey you two fucking niggers you’d be nice you give them an inch they take fucking an inch and a half cuz we own the lien bigger nut Nova here and lay what are the differences between porn sticks and real no patron also known on twitch as per capita but best known is dude have you seen the chick that left her camera on after stream it started Kappa fapping and a genius marketing campaign no one made a video where she posed as a twitch streamer about to sign off after a successful night of stream and lo and behold oh my god forgot to turn the camera God obviously immediately after the stream she loaded up a naughty video and for city to perform or the camera and the strategy actually worked because the beginning of the video she actually won a game of heart and all it took was the media to get hold of the story and everybody just ran late later it came out that she was just a regular can model that sees the opportunity to exploit thirsty where it’s everything it’s me Hilda that show what an exciting year and putting my sexual pixels on the inch game she’s a streamer that has over 60,000 followers on Twitch and for that egg I salute you girl thanks for watching there’s definitely more coming in 2070 on my lap hey hey boo hoo let me down low pussy Skoosh mom papyrus asha gran now on to my favorite on the list pro he may also known as not me yeah going this one what I like about this dream is that she clearly knows there’s a time and place for certain things and there’s no need to compromise for one or the other which is not a site to dress like a camp horn even one of her chat rules is no mentioning of any pornographic related sites I’ve never seen a cat penis she wants her cam life to be separate from her twitch life and while she dresses like this quote unquote regular streamers dress like this even though she only has around 9,000 followers on Twitter she has over 24 thousand followers on Twitter and over 150 thousand followers on ChatterBait and it’s not hard to tell why oh oh well that was the list and I hope you enjoy but if you actually enjoyed the view oh hey how about checking out my previous two videos on the same subject where I go over the top nastiest things that happen on Twitch and also another video right over the top 5 twitch whores on Twitch itself and if you enjoyed the video why don’t you consider liking this video up and if you didn’t like this video hey if that thumbs down we don’t discriminate if you are new here how about considering subscribing because I will be doing more of these videos and if you have any questions comments or butter nonsense leave that in the comments section below this is your boy – Shawn and as always keep it right to lack [Music]


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