What makes sleep sacks a must-buy for your sexual fantasies

What makes sleep sacks a must-buy for your sexual fantasies

Aren’t they for babies only?

Baby sleep sacks just look so comfortable, right? Seeing them snuggled up just makes you think about what it would feel like to have one of your own. Luckily, there are adult sleep sacks, too! They look just as snuggly, and they’re for people who love to wrap themselves in a blanket while they sleep. 

A sleep sack provides the ultimate full-body cover, comfort, and warmth. Some people think that these adult sacks are restraining — and that can be exciting.

So, let’s talk about adult sleep sacks. Not the kind you simply sleep in, but the kind you can enjoy bondage kink in. These bondage sacks give you the ultimate experience because they offer the most restraint. In fact, many compare this with the mummy-type bondage, except sleep sacks are much easier to get in and out of. It’s no wonder people reach for them so readily.

How do adults use them?


Think about how babies use sleep sacks. It’s the same for adults, essentially. You jump into one of these when you want to sleep or for extra comfort while relaxing. 

So, if this is all these sacks do, why are they so popular, you ask? Well, some people with anxiety love to sleep with weighted blankets, and these sacks offer the same kind of support. This slightly restraining feeling soothes them, and they’re able to sleep better. Naturally, this is how some sleep sacks fantasies start.

Yes, many find this restraining feeling sexually arousing too. In fact, it’s so arousing to some that they can reach an orgasm without any other stimuli. People in the BDSM community know what we’re talking about. 

Once people experience a bondage fetish with sleep sacks, they might want to move on to latex sleep sacks. Of course, LAIDTEX will be there to assist everyone with their fantasies. These may look scary at first, but they’re easy to warm up to. Why? Think of them as the edgier version of regular adult sleep sacks. Except, with latex ones, you’ll be able to experience sexual pleasure in a whole different way. 

So, if being in an adult sleep sack is arousing, and you don’t know how to feel about it, don’t worry because you might just have a fetish.

How sleep sacks satisfy BDSM fantasies

Let’s talk about how you can explore these fantasies further if you find being in these adult sacks arousing. People usually aren’t sure how to dabble in BDSM because it all seems scary only because it’s unknown. All you need to do is find a partner because confining yourself in a sleep sack isn’t something you can or should do on your own.

Maybe you’re not ready for a sexual activity yet, and that’s okay. You can still give BDSM sleep sacks a try. Ask your partner to confine you in one and see how you like it. Your partner will be there to monitor you in case you feel claustrophobic or have a panic attack. If you figure out that you like it, you can take things a step further.

Bondage BDSM can be a part of many plays. They’re usually role-plays, Dom/sub sessions, or punishment plays. Start with whatever idea you’re most comfortable with and take it one step at a time. Trust us when we say that sleep sacks give you the ultimate sexual pleasure if you’re into feeling restrained.

Things you should think twice about

As with any BDSM gear or play, we need to give you a few safety tips. These tips relate to the sleep sack and your experience. Before buying a sleep sack, maybe it’s best to experiment with mummy-type bondage to see how you feel about it. Buying any kind of gear is an investment, and we wouldn’t want you to waste your money. If you conclude that you really want this, think about the kind of accessories you want your sack to have. It can come with belts or zippers, hood or no hood, etc.

If you opt for zippers, you have to be very careful when getting in and out of your sack. Since you’ll be naked underneath it, the zipper can easily pinch your skin. Once you’re inside, you need to change positions often to help circulation flow unless you’re on the bed. 

Plus, dehydration and overheating can be a problem, so the temperature in the room should be around 10℃. This may seem cold when you think about it, but it will make your experience much better. Finally, establishing a safe word is non-negotiable. You need a way out of the play if it starts becoming too much.

Recommendations from people

So, what did people have to say about these sleep sacks? Reviews are mixed, but there are more positive than negative ones. People usually report that there need to be the right conditions for sleep sack play. This is because of the safety measures we’ve mentioned, as passing out in a sleep sack isn’t fun at all.

Usually, people are aroused by the idea of being in the sack and that’s enough to make them orgasm. After this happens, they report being so comfortable that they want to fall asleep. However, people stress that it’s imperative to let your partner know if this is happening, so they can keep a closer eye on you.

To conclude, if you enjoy the feelings of restriction – trying a sleep sack may open a whole new world of fun.