Naughty Fiction

Written: MrRolinn10

Jessie gasped seeing that Ravi’s manhood was over 6 inches.

“Wow Ravi how long is it now?” Jessie asked walked forward and dropping to her knees.

“7 inches,” Ravi moaned as he felt Jessie’s young mouth engulf his meat. Luke walked over to Jessie and started to suck on her left breast as he inched and played with her right one. Jessie moaned out load as she started to deep throat Ravi’s cock.

“My gosh Luke” Our nanny is giving me such a good blow! Jessie pulled out, smiles and walks over to the living area. She sat on the couch and spread her legs.
“What are you waiting for boys?” Luke walked over to the her and dropped to his knees.

“Such a beautiful vagina” he whispered. He leaned but Jessie stopped him.

“Wait,” she said grabbing Ravi by the dick sat him down and slowly sat on him making sure that it went up her ass.

“Ohhh uhhh that feels sooo good!” Jessie moaned as she grabbed Luke’s head and shoved it near her cunt.

” Lick it, please, lick it! Said Jessie. Luke took a long lick up Jessie’s clit. She moaned from both the pleasure given to her from her pussy and the one from her ass. After a few more licks Luke was pushed over the edge and then got up and aimed the tip at Jessie’s pussy.

“Oh yes, that feels sooo good!” Jessie screamed, feeling Luke’s cock enter her and Ravi’s pounding her ass.

“Looks like the party already started,” a voice said. Jessie looked over to the right at the door and saw Tony, the doorman for the hotel, naked. She always knew he wanted to fuck her.

She looked at his cock it was already hard and it seemed about 8 inches long. He walked over toward Jessie and slapped his cock on her tits. Jessie pulled Luke and Ravi out of her and got up.

“Ravi can you lay down on the floor for a minute?” Ravi nodded, and laid down on the carpet, his cock up in the air. Jessie sat down on it and moaned as it went all the way in again and Luke got in between her legs and impaled into her.

“Sweet Jesus that feels soooo gooood!” Jessie moaned as Tony walks over and Jessie takes the cock in her mouth.

“God Jessie I’ve always wanted to feel your sweet mouth on my cock, I’ve been watching you since you got here,” Scott said, roughly face fucking her. Jessie couldn’t stop moaning and soon she felt Ravi, Luke, and Tony all cum at once, completely filling her up. This was to much for Jessie, who squirted her juices on Ravi and Luke, which only made them pump faster. They all pulled out, got dressed, and then Jessie sent Luke and Ravi to bed. Tony left, and she went to her room. She slowly passed out, while lightly fingering herself. When she woke up, she saw Emma between her legs, licking her like a dog.

“Well looks like Ms. Slut had fun tonight” Emma teased, then went back to licking.

“You wouldn’t believe it.” Jessie replied moaning and pinching her own nipples. “How long have you been licking me?”

“About thirty minutes and you came twice,” she said indicating the alarm clock near them. Jessie grabbed her hand and together they went to the bathroom.

Since Jessie was already naked she helped Emma strip. When she was completely naked Jessie lowered her head on Emma’s small, almost non existent tits.

“MMM… Fuck Jessie I love how your sweet mouth loves my tits so much,” Emma moaned. Jessie grinned and kept sucking on her tits. Luke snuck up the stairs along with Ravi and watched the unfolding sight. His nanny and sister fingering each other. Luke walked up with Ravi quietly.

“I’m getting Jessie you can get Emma if you want.” he whispered. Smiling he walked up behind Jessie and quickly pushed his cock into her dripping wet pussy.

“Fuck Luke!”she said as she looked back and saw Luke pounding her. Luke smiled slamming his cock into Jessie. Jessie couldn’t help but be loud as she moaned. Jessie saw Tony walk behind her and shove his cock deep into her ass.
“Oh Jessie it’s soo hot watching you get fucked over here,” Emma said now that Tony was fucking like a jackhammer. Jessie leaned forward and made out woth Emma, both of them feeling their moans in their mouths. They parted and Jessie laid down flat on the bed as Luke pounded away at her pussy. Emma glanced over and saw Ravi standing and jacking off.

“Come here little brother.” Emma said.

Ravi moved toward Emma and she got on her knees. She sucked his right ball, then left. Emma then kissed his dick before shoving half of his manhood down her throat.

“Ohhh yeah baby fuck my pussy, use me!” Jessie yelled as luke started to pick up his pace on fucking the hot slut in front of him. Jessie started to bounce on Tony’s cock which was lodged in her ass. She loved the feeling of having both her holes filled up by such massive cocks.

“Oh god man I’m gonna cum soon! Her ass is too tight!” Tony yelled. Luke agreed and soon they both came in Jessie which caused Jessie to hit her peak and orgasm squirting all over them both.

By this time Emma had gotten all of Ravi’s cock into her mouth, and was sucking like a pro. She gagged a little but still managed to take it all. Feeling him tense up, she knew he was close. She got up and moved closer to Jessie. She got on her hands and knees, looked back and said ” Fuck me.” Ravi practically ran over to Emma and rammed his cock inside of her, making Emma scream in delight.

Emma grabbed onto the cupboard with one hand and rubbed her clit with another. “Faster, faster, make me squirt my juices all over that big cock of yours!” Squealed Emma. Ravi decided to make things more interesting. He pulled out of his sister, his dick coated in juice, and used that as lubrication to shove his dick inside of her ass. At first she seemed to be in pain, but then she started to shove her hips back into Ravi, deciding she like anal better. Ravi looked over to Jessie, and he saw that Luke, Jessie, and Tony all passed out from pleasure. I’M CUMMING!!!!!” Screamed Emma. Just then, Ravi felt his balls begin to build with pressure. After her orgasm, Emma felt Ravi’s cock pulsing inside if her. She pushed him out, and got back down on her knees. She immediately took all of his dick in her throat and held it there. That was all Ravi needed to burst, sending several long strands of cum in Emma’s mouth. Ravi felt back after his orgasm, and his sister fell on him, her head laying on his stomach, in a loving embrace.